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Our Papillon Story

I am blessed to have such a rewarding hobby.  We are a small kennel operation, with all puppies and dogs raised in our home.

I love the puppies as much as I love my dogs.  Breeding allows me to travel, research and look at how I can better the breed.  I choose my breeding pairs carefully to ensure I am doing what is best for the unborn pups and what will give them the best chance through their parentage. I love training in conformation, agility and obedience. Most of all I love my dogs.

Training starts at an early age with house training and the different textures and sounds around the house.  We introduce them to guests visiting our home, so they are always meeting new people.  We move on to crate training and car rides after they have had all their shots. We socialize them in our home and later with other trips out. Once they are old enough to do stairs, we start the outside training.  We work on recall and boundaries, as we live on 5 acres.  When it is time for my babies to go to new homes they are very happy and confident little ones.

As always, my intention is to breed an excellent quality dog that could be both a family pet and show dog. My main focus is on health, health testing and nutrition to ensure each puppy is healthy when they leave my care and go to their forever home.

This photo is one of my proudest moments as a papillon breeder.  The show was at Spruce Meadows in Calgary in August 2019. This was a Papillon Booster.  There were 38 papillons in the ring and my friend had Tucker, my husband had Fancy and I was showing Ruby.  These 3 were in different classes. Specials - Male, Specials Female and Winners Bitch.  Out of the 38 dogs in the ring this judge chose my three!  I was over the moon! 

AKC-Summer Papillon Booster -2019.jpg
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